Customised electronics solutions.

Electronics manufacturing is not just about circuits and components: We offer customised solutions to turn your vision into reality – your projects, meet our expertise.

    • PCB Assembly

      • Rigid and Flexible PCBs
        We work with all standard and specialised materials, for both single- and double-sided assembly.

        Multilayer PCBs
        With up to 48 layers to accommodate active and passive components and miniaturise your assemblies.

        PCB Size
        All shapes and types up to 500 x 500 mm.

        PCB Surface Finishing

        Solder varnishing and masking, surface and position printing as well as potting of components ensure reliable contacting of all components before the soldering process.

        Automatic SMD Assembly

        With an assembly capacity of more than 100,000 components per hour, our high-performance automatic assembly machines ensure that we can handle large assembly volumes without any issue.

        Manual SMD/THT Assembly

        THT assembly of wired components is carried out manually by our skilled and well-trained staff. Automated feeding and optical assembly specifications ensure quick and error-free access and assembly.

    • Electronics Development/
      Circuit Layouting

      • We offer customised solutions, from the first idea and design to circuit layouting for series production.

    • Data Check/Procurement Management

      • We thoroughly data-check our clients’ design layouts to offer production optimisation and consultation services where necessary.

        Our procurement management includes the worldwide search and procurement of specific PCBs, SMD/THT components, specialised components or connecting components. And, we are also able to assemble components provided directly by our clients.


        We not only manage the procurement of PCBs and other components, but also have standard as well as specialised, client-specific components in stock to ensure fast order processing.

    • Device Construction

      • Our mechanical and electromechanical assemblies are customised, client-specific solutions that offer a full range of mechatronic functionality. With our expertise in the areas of hardware and software development, PCB production with customised assembly as well as CNC sheet metal and metalworking, we are able to manufacture assemblies, modules and complete devices from prototype to series, including surface finishing and customised printing, all from a single source. If required, we are also able to carry out functional testing and commissioning.

        Housing Construction

        We also offer all the possibilities of mechanical processing, from edging, bending, punching, milling and welding to lacquering and printing of customised housings and machine covers.

    • Components Assembly

      • Electrical or mechanical assemblies with assembled PCBs are fitted with housings or equipment according to our clients' specifications. In addition, we offer a range of solutions and services that extend all the way to OEM end customer support.

        Electromechanical Assemblies

        As an outsourcing service provider for OEM equipment manufacturers with a focus on medical technology, we are able to handle the entire development process, including software development, from prototypes to series readiness and series production. We are also able to take over already developed products, complete devices, modules and assemblies. Our services include: Development and engineering, metalworking, painting, potting and bonding, marking and labelling, ready-for-installation assembly as well as mechanical, electrical and optical testing.

    • Quality Assurance

      • With our automated, optical and electronic PCB testing capabilities, we are able to check assembled PCBs and assemblies for proper functionality and assembly according to client specifications. To ensure reproducibility, production documentation is integrated into our ERP and PPS systems.

        AOI Quality Assurance

        Specialised high-speed 3D camera technology ensures an outstanding level of testing quality of electronic components, while solder joints are inspected with a resolution of 10 μ.

    • Logistics and Fulfilment

      • In addition to our ample storage capacities, our IT-supported delivery logistics and our own fleet of vehicles ensure timely delivery to our clients – including just-in-time and just-in-sequence deliveries.

    • End-of-Life Services

      • Through our lifecycle service, we offer our clients reliability and peace of mind throughout the entire product lifecycle, from spare parts and maintenance to stockpiling, upgrades and retrofits.

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