For more than 20 years, we have been a leading B2B service provider in our main business areas of business – medical technology, automotive and logistics.

We offer smart solutions for innovative, sophisticated and customer-specific applications in the fields of automation, control and quality management. With many years of experience and a consistent zero-defect strategy, we guarantee certified high-end quality in PCB assembly, ready-to-install mechanical and electromechanical assemblies as well as specialized complete devices for the medical technology, automotive and logistics sectors.

Our 3 Focus Areas

  • OEMs

    Our expertise in the development and production of software and hardware makes us an ideal partner in the areas of electronics and mechanics.

    Our Portfolio:

    • Ready-to-install electromechanical assemblies
    • Ready-to-install mechanical assemblies
    • Ready-to-connect cabling
    • Custom-assembled PCBs with SMT and THT components
    • Multilayer circuit boards for miniaturised assemblies
    • Metal housings of any size and type
  • Automotive

    Thanks to our comprehensive mechatronic expertise in the development and production of customised assemblies and devices, we are an ideal partner for the automotive industry.

    Our Portfolio:

    • Development and production of ready-to-install mechanical and electromechanical assemblies
    • Assembled cable harnesses
    • Micro switches and sensors
    • Micro circuit boards with LED displays
    • Custom-assembled PCBs with SMD and THT components
    • Multilayer circuit boards for miniaturised assemblies
  • Fleet Management

    Telematics systems are an essential component of digital fleet management for trucks, vans and rail vehicles. We develop and produce universal, client-specific and ready-to-install systems that provide all relevant information at a glance and can be used everywhere. With them, fleet dispatchers can plan tours more efficiently, and both CO₂ footprints and fuel consumption can be significantly reduced.

    Our Portfolio:

    • Customisable telematics systems with touchscreens
    • Ready-to-install, robust and compact designs
    • Internet-readable
    • Customisable control options

Standard-setting solutions.

Continuous development is the engine of our success!

  • We focus on trusting, long-term partnerships.
  • We create value for our clients along the entire value chain.
  • We leverage synergies within the EPnP Medical Group to achieve the highest levels of industry expertise.
  • We continuously invest in the latest technologies to achieve the highest levels of quality.
  • We rely on our group’s growth potential to deepen and expand our areas of business.
  • We operate in a goal- and future-oriented manner to remain a technology leader in our fields of expertise.

Our values are our compass.

    • Cooperative

      • Because we practice openness, trust and fairness as the basis for cooperation within our group and with our clients in mind.

    • Reliable

      • Because we place great importance on always offering our clients the highest quality and value.

    • Client-oriented

      • Because we do not focus on standard solutions, but on customised ones. We create by leveraging inspiration, innovation and experience.

    • Innovative

      • Because we value 360-degree thinking and acting for the benefit of our clients. With foresight and prudence, we realise the full potential of our development projects and products to give our clients the competitive edge they require in a global market.

    • Specialised

      • Because we provide our clients with a broad range of development know-how and technologies through our network of experts.

    • Continuously forward-looking

      • Because we exclusively offer customised, high-quality industry solutions in the field of mechatronics.

A vibrant past: The key to a successful future.

Through achieving groundbreaking milestones and continuous improvement, BRUNNER ELECTRONIC has become a leading company in the industry. Our history is one of innovation, growth and the relentless pursuit of excellence to meet market demands.

  • Founding

  • Certification according to TS 16949

  • Expansion of the production area by 500 m² to 1,250 m²

  • EOS joins as an investor

  • Certification according to 13485

  • Highest standards, unique solutions.

    • To form a professional partnership, our clients expect a documented quality management system as well as the highest standards in terms of occupational health and safety.

      In order to meet these high demands, the continuous certification of the companies in our group is an essential aspect of doing business for all of them.

  • Together for a better world.

      • Transition towards electric vehicles for our fleet, including charging stations for both employees and clients
      • Solar panels on our roofs to produce green solar power
      • Investing in efficient production technologies such as vacuum-based vapour phase soldering (with energy savings of 70 percent compared to reflow technologies)
      • A network of regional suppliers and client relationships for shorter transport routes

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